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What do Web Marketing Academy programs offer?

Well, for one, personalized training. While we draw on the strong personal relationships that are unique to WMA, we provide a training experience that delivers meaningful and impactful business lessons from seasoned leaders.

We are not just faculty; we are your personal mentors.

Here are just a few reasons why individuals and organizations seek WMA expertise:

·         Business philosophies that have stood out within the online marketing community
·         Our core principle is to educate businesses, students with best practices through our monthly workshops, seminars, conferences in IIM Bangalore & Christ University
·         Founders & mentors of OME Community, the biggest online marketing community in India
·         Search Marketing Summit, the premier International search conference in India with over 20 International delegates was brought to you by WMA and OME community
·         In our workshops we believe in staying current, up-to-date and sharing the knowledge. If you have attended one of our OME community meet ups, you would have witnessed this trend
·         Dynamic faculties who have over 9 years of International industry experience.
Corporate SEO Training Program

Corporate SEO In house training has been designed for corporates, who are looking to train themselves and their team in SEO, web marketing.

 You will learn the what, when, who, why and how to's of a successful SEO plan for any type of   organization.

Developing a successful SEO plan is both an art and science. It involves the in depth knowledge of what is in the plan, how to plan, utilizing the right resources, collaborating marketing skills, effectively communicating the plan, executing it, monitoring it and continuously updating the plan.

 Participants of this program get an opportunity to develop core business skills and competencies in various functional areas; this would enable them to handle issues involving cross- functional areas. Eminent faculties of Web Marketing Academy cover the curriculum. Participants involve themselves actively in case studies and discussions, role-plays, hands on training etc...

            Program Objective

·         Introduce SEO models and best practices to the participants.

·         Develop competence in SEO and skills associated with marketing management.

·         Provide guidance to think through advanced web marketing strategies with a global and local perspective.

            Program Content

Upon completion you will

• Understand how search engines work
• Follow web master guidelines
• Adapt SEO strategies and best practices
• Understand the concepts of SEO
• Establish effective SEO processes and  
   structure to meet goals
• Develop & structure successful SEO strategies and plan
• How to allocate budget  
• How to define SEO goals, assign  
   resources and asses growth opportunities
• Use analytics to analyze and give meaningful
   actionable insights
• Keep up-to-dates on web marketing best practices
• Explore success and learn from failures

  • 50 hours of flexible weekend, weekday classes
  • 10 AM to 5 PM

Rs. 30,000/- + 10.3% service tax per day
Up to 15 participant

Suresh Babu,
Program Director,
Web Marketing Executive Education Programs 
Phone: +91 9731388721| Web: 


In-house SEO Training Programs for:
v  IT engineers
v  Designers, Developers
v  Programmers
v  User experience designers
v  Visual Designers
v  Copywriters
v  Product Managers
v  Project Managers
v  In-house teams with minimal expertise
v  Technical writers
v  QA team

What the team will learn
New product launch marketing
Marketing strategies while product design and development
Universal SEO – Optimizing video, images, audio, PDF, Docs, PPT’s
Mobile Marketing
CMS optimization
Understanding search engines
Instant search results