Friday, September 7, 2012

Start your Website today : Digital Marketing Advice

It has been a craze to everyone to make presence in Online. They either do with social networks such as facebook, twitter, Linkedin or anyother networks. Some do blogging, to tell the world what they want to tell.

Here is a new craze!! Why don’t you start a website of your own???

Yes, you can its easy now. But you should know some facts about them.

1. Domain Name

Domain name can be your online name, in which people will recognise you. So you better make the best out of it. Here is some points you have to take note before deciding your domain name.

  • Be short 
  • Be relevant 
  • Be easy to remember 
  • Easy to type 
  • Easy spelling 
  • …and if you can, try some Keywords 

2. Domain Extension

If you ask me, is it too important? I would say it is. There are some called, Top Level Domains such as,

.com - Commercial business
.net - Network organizations
.in - India (country specific)
.gov - Government agencies
.edu - Educational institutions
.org - Organizations
.biz - Business
.mil – Military

So when you chose your domain give importance to If its not available go for (country specific). When the google trying to make the searches customised, country specific websites can come in handy, if your audience are local. 

Absolutely the Registering your Domain name going to cost you. It starts from 10 $ for year and you can register up to 5 years. 

Note: If you are looking for (.in domain) domain, you should visit there is a surprise waiting for you. Yes, you get your domain free for an year.

3. Hosting

Okay now you have the domain name, now you need hosting services. That means your own space in the big wide open space called World Wide Web. There are lot of hosting services available.,,, and more.

You got the space and all, now you should design and develop it. If you want to make it best you can hire an agency to do HTML works. But you should know that there are some easy options such as to create your website by buying templates and edit them to your taste. 

Note : Templates available for free as well and it don’t need much of programming knowledge. So Now you can customise your website on your own up to a level.

4. SEO

Here comes the fun part. You have created the website and what if no one knows abot it or visit it? Yes that happens a lot, when there are trillions of websites and you are just one of them.

“If you the guy, who started website and wondering why there is no business coming? Then probably you missed this part...” 

Now I got your attention, right?. There it is, SEO is the way to make it to the top of Search Results when your customer search for the services you provide. That’s the thing you wanted anyway right, be the first to serve your customer in need. 

Now you know the things to do. When you gonna start your website then?

Note : Interested to know about how SEO can help you? Then keep an eye on this blog for the updates, it will keep on coming to your inbox.
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