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SEO : How to begin the on-page optimisation - Digital Marketing Training

SEO have its value, guess if you are a businessman then you should have come across atleast once. I bet. Believe me guys SEO is not about creating a Facebook or Twitter page or a website. But this includes don't forget.

So how to start it?

As usual, what we do it before start any project? Yes, set up the goals and objectives.

Goals and objectives.

Why is it important? You should know, what you want and up against. Setting up the goals will give you scales to measure your performance. Increasing your profit is your ultimate goal. But give a numerical version to it. Because its internet it will not be actually same, what you see. Set up your goals like, "increase the profit by 10% with in the end of this quarter" or something.

That will make more sense now.

Set the objectives and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)s as per your goals. KPIs are the indigators to know the interests in our services. They can be of Facebook likes, subscription counts or responses to C2As. So, the next step is to find your keywords for the optimizing.

Keywords Research

Keywords are the next major things you should consider in SEO. Here are the ways to find the keywords for your page.

  1. Imagine yourself as a user and think of the words you use to search in Google.
  2. Ask your family and friends.
  3. Google your keywords and look for the results.
  4. Make use of Related Keywords or Suggested Keywords from Google
  5. Try Google Trends and Google Insights for analyzing the Keywords.
Now you have at least 20 + keywords and choose the best five for the optimization. 

How to choose the keywords

When you choose the keywords make it long tail. That means use Key-Phrases instead of Keywords. Because when you go for shot-tail key words that may result in high viewer counts as well as high bounce rates.

For eg: An XYZ company selling "Leather Handbags for Women", they can optimize for "leather handbags for women in YYY (yyy- location)". But if they optimize for the location name alone, they sure get more viewers. But its is no way going to help in our goals, to increase profits.

So its about choosing the right keyword and reducing the costs in it.

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