Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meta Title Tag's importance in the On-Page-Optimisation - SEO Training bangalore

Its one of the important aspect to be concentrated in On-page optimisation. You should probably noticed the Web master Guidelines of the Google clearly states it. Its like the name board of your services in the search.
Web Master Guidelines stating the importance of <Title> elements

The one of the important place the title will show up for the user is in the Search.

The Title is the one will be appear on Search and Make use of it to pull your user

Ok lets look at the characteristics of the title tags.

  • As i mentioned earlier it is one of the important and crucial aspect in On-Page-Optimisation
  • Best optimum character count in title could be 60 characters.
  • Make it relevant and most important keywords part of the title.
  • You can enter the best of the keyword research in the beginning of the title.
  • It should be readable to both the Users and other crawlers

Okay. so what you should avoid in it?

  • Avoid keyword stuffing in to the title. Key word stuffing will result in showing up lots of the sites. But does it make any leads? No. Because if a user searching for "SEO training i xxx place", and if this site comes up, does it serve to them the purpose? No. But Imagine if your title is "SEO services in Bangalore" and it will show up for those searching for it. It will create genuine viewers and leads.
Avoid keyword stuffing in the title, it does make any sense in the search

  • Dont let it be untitled/ Home etc. It doesnt make sense. Yes its Home page, but wouldn't be better if you name it better to create a curiosity to your user?
Avoid Vague titles -  Its not a bad practice, but you can use it wise for SEO

This is one of the worthless practice- Its like some one saying "i am nameless"

  • Its better to avoid your Brand name in the tittle, unless yours is the well known brand globally. Because if your name shows up in the search the user may not have all the patience to look in to your business to understand your services. So if you enter the services in the title and it will be easier for the user to decide.

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