Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Corporate SEO Training Bangalore

Corporate SEO Coaching Bangalore

Corporate In-house SEO Training

This twenty hours in house custom web marketing training course focusing on new business ad sales opportunities, web analytics, email marketing, social media, search marketing, web marketing standards and policy settings has been designed to give developers, ad team and marketing department personals an overview of existing technical, competition, structural analysis and review, including new opportunities for Ad sales, banner ad optimization and marketing, latest industry statistics, fact files, case studies and how to implement and fine tune analytics to get insights and maximize ROI. The entire training program will be focused towards the goal and objectives giving a custom training program.

What the team will learn
How Ad networks works
Creative ads, social media
Universal SEO – Optimizing video, images, audio, PDF, Docs, PPT’s
Measuring success by analytics
Analytics – What to measure and how to measure?
Setting up standards, policies in place
Budget Allocation (if applicable)
Session includes:
v  Introduction
v  Understanding business objectives and goals
v  Competition  analysis
v  Exploration of existing marketing strategies
v  Identification and prioritizing
v  Digital marketing best practices
v  Ad sales analysis and review
v  Ad sales opportunities
v  New media exposure
v  Paid search marketing (PPC)
v  Search engine optimization (SEO)
v  Creating industry standard documentation for future reference
v  Interactive session
v  Q & A
v  Create company "Web Marketing Standards" in order to drive a consistent approach. How these web marketing standards should also be incorporated into the company's standard design/technical documentation forms such as product/marketing/design requirements templates.

v  Internal Wiki creation or an intranet to post information related to the web marketing program. This can include everything such as (SEO targets, monthly reporting, SEO documentation, training materials, training schedule) 
as well as posting internal web marketing wins/challenges, internal case studies, lessons learned, recommended reading material to learn more on their own, provide a forum for people to ask SEO SMEs questions (retain a running Q&A so you are not answering the same questions over and over) and anything else to inspire and excite the masses.

Fee Structure:
Amount in Rs
(per day)
Total Amount in Rs

In – house web marketing training
(includes 2 trainers fee)

Service tax @ 10.3 %



20 hours of customized web marketing training
2 Industry experts will be throughout the training program
Flexible weekend hours
1st day will be focusing on education, best practices and analysis
2nd day will be focusing on implementation, documentation, future reference and more.
Q & A
Free phone or one on one consultation after the training program


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