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Bounce Rate Explained in OME Community August Meetup. Web Marketing Expo India

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Minutes of Meeting: August 28th 2011

1.       Introduction  to OME: Swati & Rajesh
2.       Introduction of members & attendees

Pictures of OME August Meetup:

Expectations & experiences of attendees from OME:

·         Practical ideas that one can relate to
·         Extensive & sharing of information
·          Passion to learn Online Marketing
·         Sharing of  new ideas & technology freely
·          Discussion on Online Marketing that actually happens in the industry
·         No spamming & promotional messages on any Social Media

3.       Ranjan starts talk on Bounce Rate:
·         What is bounce rate. A visitor comes to a website through search engine and exists the website within a few seconds without going to the next page.
·         Types of bounce rate
·         Definitions of Bounce Rate
·         Read Father of analytics Avinash Kaushik (Book: web analytics 2.0 or visit
·         What does Bounce rate tell you about your page?
·         How does bounce rate work
o   Are key words relevant to the landing page;
o   Is the navigation wrong;
o   Is there no call to action- How clear is the call to action
o   Relevancy of content
·         How to measure the bounce rate
·         Really hard to get a bounce rate less than 20% & more than 35% is cause of concern; 50% above is worry
·         Average time on site; Average visits per page ; UTMA, UTMB
·          Reasons for high bounce rate:
o   Misleading keywords
o   Poor design; confusion
o   Pop-ups/ads
o   Distractions
o   High Page load time
o   Content not updated/ timely updations [small things matter]
o   Images are distracting
·         Why should you consider the bounce rate?
o   Focus on important content
o   Prevent wasting money
o   Why content needs revisiting
o   Find out what is wrong: content, call to action
·         Blogs are an exception to all bounce rate metrics
·         All that bounces is not bad in all the cases like these:
o   Links to external sites (for affiliates; news sites)
o   Online Ads
o   Destination pages
·         Examples of the above shown
·         Bounce rate shown on Google Analytics: focus on Web Marketing
·          Why is the bounce rate higher during weekends; possible reasons discussed
·         Creating customer reports to study the reasons

Question & Answers
Q: If I put all my information in one page & the reader only stays for 1 hour & leaves is it bounce?
A: No
Q: Does bounce rate define the amount of time spent?
Q: How do you decide time, when Google can’t decide you how long you stayed on that page unless you click next?
A: cookies take care of that; Google has fixed parameters, visit sessions (30 min); revisits. It takes more than 24 hours to record
Q: What if my site is a blog? How can you take in account the bounce of 1 hour?
A: Analytics metric differs from type of website. Blogs take more than 60% (which is an excellent for blogs) ; for corporate website 30-40%  bounce rate is great)
Q: There is a difference between people who comes through organic search, PPC, landing pages ?
A: Depends about product, type of website, type of business/industry: it is different how Google Analytics takes it & what the actual scenario is
Q: Av time spent on a landing/web page?
A: 6 seconds
Q: is it possible to track Google Analytics for my FB page?
A: yes
Q: Can u explain the different percentages of bounce? What % is ideal?
A: Differs per industry & individual perception; Anything less than 50 % is good. If you have bounce rate of more than 70 % then there is something wrong with your website, content, usability etc. Bounce rate has a calculation: [Total no. of views by total number of visits]
Q: What if there is a call to action? How can such bounce rate be calculated in such cases?
A: Goals are defined; The tools are in page analytics & click rate; shows heat map
Q: We cannot calculate bounce rate; Google does. What can we conclude from this- how does Google define it?
A: Omniture can help calculate as you actually define the bounce rate; Google defines a particular time period & calculates the bounce rate. Depends on the objective of the website
Q: How will you come to know if the visitor went from your site to an external link? Unless it is an internal link, it will not be calculated.
A: I will link to sister sites or related blogs of my own; Or heat maps & click tale tools
Q: Will I get more traffic if my website is hosted in your own domain or on blogspot? How will it get indexed faster?
A: Blogger/Wordpress  are easily crawled; feed burner, RSS etc. can be added. is a tool that helps index the site faster; website could use a sitemap; Google’s caffeine update also helps
Q: What is in-page analytics?
A: It shows behavioral patterns of visitors; clicks, navigation etc. It shows your website, how many visitors clicked on which link
Q: Is in page analytics possible for my blog?
A: Yes; a code needs to be copy pasted for achieving it.
Q: What is the difference between clicks, visits & impressions? 
A. Clicks are the visitors who come to your website and clicked on a link, Visits are the number of people or bots visiting a website, Impressions are people who saw the website but dint click on your website

Power tips

1.       What are the trends to watch for in technology in the near future?
·         Mobile marketing- mobile websites & mobile apps; tablets
·         Q: Which is more important- mwebsites or maps? 
·         Q: What is the difference between a normal & mwebsite?
·         A: The methods of search on mobile- voice search, picture search, off deck & on deck: ways of searches vary in mobile marketing
·         “Gooogle goggles” helps picture search


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