Monday, August 8, 2011

Commits Connect 2011. Digital Media and Marketing, Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

While I was preparing for tomorrow August 10, 2011 Commits Connect 2011.  Digital Media and Marketing, Trends, Opportunities and Challenges Speaking, Came across a lot of interesting Media, PR and Marketing Ideas. Just to give an overview, Commit Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication is a well known Institute for Journalism and Mass Communication in Bangalore.

A few months ago I met with  Collin Timms,  Chairman of Guardian Bank and Trustee of various organizations, Institute and Restaurants. Got to know thru a good friend, Mehar. While meeting with him and his team, understood how Collins embrace Social Media and New Media, Fascinating to have a discussion with the team. India needs people like Collins and others to change the Indian Industry Landscape.

He introduced, K SAI PRASAAD, HoD, MARKETING COMMUNICATION and Mr Ramesh Prabhu, Professor and PR. Great to see Commit Blog, who Sai and Ramesh with students drive their Blog

Look forward to meeting and speaking to the Commits Students and Staff.

I will be discussing on Tools, Social Media Trends, How Search Works and How Students can take advantage of the new media.

Here is the Agenda: 

Commits Connect 2011
Trends, Opportunities and Challenges
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
9.30am to 1.30pm 
Commits Auditorium

  • Lakshmipathy Bhat, Vice President, Draft FCB-ULKA - DIGITAL MEDIA AND ADVERTISING
  • Mark Joshi Premnath, Director, Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation - DIGITAL MEDIA AS AN ENTERTAINMENT TOOL, GAMING AS THE NEW SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Suresh Babu, CEO, Web Marketing Academy - SOCIAL MEDIA AND MARKETING STRATEGIES
  • Shane Jacob, Director, Digital Media, The PRactice - USING DIGITAL MEDIA FOR EFFECTIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS
  • Adithya Mallya, Director, 7Edge Commerce Pvt Ltd - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZ ATION AND MARKETING


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