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OME Community May Minutes of Meeting- Web Marketing for Startups in Bangalore

OME Community Minutes of Meeting:
May-11, 2011 – Christ University
Round of Introductions
        II.            Video of Neil Pasricha Link :  
                Suresh Babu, Co- Founder, OME Community and Founder, Web Marketing Academy India
                Ranjan Jena : Head, Vayama, Web Marketing
                Shartaj : Founder,  Innovate Search

      IV.            Suresh Introductions- personal experience of utilizing resources available for success of startups

1.       Start: Presentation Web marketing for startups [The origin of Navarasa, Web Marketing Academy ]
2.       Registered a domain
3.       Started blog & redirected it to the domain
4.       SEO rankings – Followed web master guidelines
5.       Social networking on FB, You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn
6.       Decent traffic within a year – 75-100 hits a day
7.       Anecdote: Prof. Ramnath-IIMB; passion & WMA
8.       Origin of OME, its journey & benefits
9.       Free Tools for startups : Research
a.        Google web master guidelines :
b.       Google alerts (how it works; uses-competitor analysis)
c.        Google Insights
d.       Google Trends
e.       Back Type – [ Lets you monitor keywords in comments]

Monitor – Use these tools to track
You, Your Name
Your Brand
Your Competitor
Your Industry

[Q: Should we position site acc to key words? Should we try n’ have hot keywords on our website as there are lot of competition. How can keywords be used even before starting business. How can I ensure it is not lost to competition?
A: we use this for studying trends, plan campaign, time for launch: to build insights, & not to build traffic or lead generation]

[Q: Should we base our website contents based on the same keywords
A: Not yet]
f.         Google back type/Disqus: tracks comments gives u the link to where it is being said
[Q: How trustworthy is it? Google alerts wasn’t very accuracy
A: It is good with the research; also try Disqus for research]

10.   SEO:  An Art !
a.        Google ad words: keyword research tool to get keyword ideas. Use this tool to do keyword research : Link:
Tick options “ only for ideas closely related to my search terms
[A short note on –captcha used for Digitalizing books]
b.       Include SEO. web marketing  in the Business plans. Marketing plans before launching the business to save time and money, have a great design that includes SEO without wasting time
c.        Through Google keywords, get a good domain name; research on top search & fine tune keywords for domain & website keywords; check what people are talking about u

[Q:  Numbers in my domain?
A: specific to your trade/industry]
Q: why did Las Vegas come in search for hotels?
A: Hotels in Las Vegas is popular, more people are searching for Hotels in Las Vegas, so you see the suggestions 
Q:  How to track competition through this
A:  Look below green bar; that will indicate competition-interpret that result; Go for a keyword, where search volume is high & competition is low]
Q: How to go for keywords for high volume of search & low competition
A: Think of Users what they will search for, ask your friends and family, combine those keywords with the keyword research for reference and Use your gut feeling
Q: Is there a number based result…any calculation?
A: Need more tools- taken offline; numerical results can be exported
Q: Can results be filtered, according to our options through demographics?
A: Yes. Only country-wise at the moment.]
d.       What should be done with the keywords? [Understand Google web master guidelines ; gives an idea what to follow to build up in title and SEO ranks]
e.       Use of keywords in the title [Identify keywords, use it as title, description/  blog post and content]
(Q: How many words in the title?
A: 60 – 80 characters, about 8 – 10 words, Don’t stuff Keywords, Make it readable for humans
Q: How to use the keyword  in building the website
A: Instruct web designer with the web master guidelines and give a checklist to the designers. Educate them and give the keywords to the content writer or if you write include those keywords within the title, description, Heading, body of the content.
Q: synonyms…relevance?
A: As per relevance, for users, if it is appropriate; use imagination
Q: will u be touching on what to do -What not to do- white & black hat
Q: What will u do with the standard keywords over a period of time
A: SEO Keeps changing; all time ranking will not be on top; brand yourself; don’t depend too much on keywords
Q: How continuous process is SEO
Q: Should every page of your website have the set keywords?
A: definitely, SEO is an ongoing process
Q: penalty on pages?
f.         Content should be relevant to your business & use it in the title;
g.        One word-  optimization is difficult, competitive  for a particular brand; use 2-3 words,(long tail)
h.       Use of location; optimize for location if your targeting within a location, local business
i.         Friends, family- understand what they would search for before starting your startup;
j.         Use of high quality keywords that bring conversion. Free Shipping, Call to Action in your Title, Content with keywords
k.        Create excel sheet, take all keywords, use all broad keywords, location, related keywords- branding, futuristic keywords, list them all. Use it for all references, categorize into several related categories.  document it, fine tune it as necessary

[Q: how to redirect blog to website?
                All Blogging software and domain registrar allow you to redirect, talk to them

11.    Optimize blog/website
a.        Use excel sheet with keywords for reference & add same keywords in blog Title, Description, content/ web content, header, links and wherever it makes sense
b.       Optimize with relevant keywords; specify location; in categories
12.    Tools for Blog development
a.        Blogspot/Blogger – FREE :
b.       Word press- FREE:  
c.        Square space-paid :
d.       Typepad
13.    Other tools
a.        Raven tools :
b.       Web Site grader:
c.        Advanced web rankings:
d.       Web CEO:

Tip: Use the Free Trail Versions

14.    Content: think different, think useful, think conveying a message
a.        What should you write?
b.       What will your customers/ friends/ family like?
c.        Phone Calls/ Receptionist-  Questions that people ask when they call you could  be great content; unique answers is content; use researched keywords when you come up with answers
d.       FAQ’s are great content for your website
e.       Employees can be resource for content creation, developers, subject matter experts can be great content generators. Use their skills
f.         Forums/groups discussion is content; video files, images are all content
g.        Give useful value additions as content; Dos & don’ts
h.       Shouldn’t copy; write quality content [Google panda & ehow]
15.    Other tools  for content Ideas
a.        LinkedIn Answers
b.       Yahoo Answers
c.        Face book  groups
d.       Quora

Tip:  Find your industry category in LinkedIn Answers and you will find a RSS feeds, subscribe to that RSS feeds, now all the questions and answers will come to you instead of you going to each site, Find the relevant  questions, in an excel sheet list all the questions, what answers you would give, links , who will be content writer for each with time ( Content Planning)
[Q: Does Google cache it as content?
A: If it is public Google will cache public content]
 [Q: How important is RSS feeds for a website?
A: It is relevant; should not be ignored; it is useful; dynamic content comes to your mailbox; Giving resources to people who don’t not want to come to website; applies to long copy]
16.    Take away- Plan content on questions asked and be a thought leader by providing answers and come up with a blog post answering those questions, your thoughts and more.
17.    Social Media: good content & get follows on Twitter, FB, Flicker, LinkedIn
18.    SEO for Social Media: use all SEO guidelines even to get rankings on Social media
a.        Create events
b.       Good content
c.        Keywords, tagging improves ranking on Video
[Q: usefulness of keywords on images
A: Use of keywords on all flickr/ images, Alt Tags, Description, Title
19.    Local Business: Local business listing; Google local maps FREE [no need for website]
20.    Advertisement
a.        PPC
b.       Social Media Ads
c.        Google ad words
[Q: websites need to be up for 6 months, to have paid Ads….does it work
A: It is Google Ad sense]
21.    PPC Why?... Go Live instantly, cost effective, highly targeted, measurable
22.    Types:
a.        Ad words: Adcenter, Face book- LinkedIn ads
b.       Types: Search, content, placement, Mobile
c.        Text, image, video, TV [ can be site specific; depends on budget & bidding]
23.    Adv of going live:
a.        Instant market exposure
b.       Targeted audience acquisition
c.        Build market Intelligence
d.       Long tail keywords: better than short, generic keywords
e.       Test Adcopy live: more profitable
f.         Discover customer needs
g.        Build a database of prospects rather than sell a product: brand recall; customer psychology for keywords
24.    PPC challenges for startups & entrepreneurs
a.        Investment- how much?
b.       Understanding PPC : the technology & feasibility
c.        B2B: differs from business to business
d.       Have a good marketer who understands your PPC & competitiors
[Q: should I go for PPC when I’m launching a new venture or after I’ve built a brand?
A: Depends on the type of business & on the entrepreneur’s business objectives
Q: Does PPC pay off in terms of ROI?
A: Yes. It is a positive measurable]

       V.            Sharry: Presentation
1.       Net Commerce Market in India: online companies picking up
2.       E-tailing share: mode of payment in India; myths broken on debit/cards/online purchase w.r.t retailing
3.       RedBus example [Ranking for particular keywords depends on people who have been using it since a long time. So focus on keywords relevant to you]
4.       Keyword research is very important
                                                               i.      Make pages for all important keywords [long tail support]
[Q: Should one have more pages on a website...are lesser pages better?
A: For a competitive market, multiple pages of relevant content make lot of sense & traffic; spammed links or blank content pages / non-value content/ irrelevant affects negatively]
5.       SEO ranking is very important
6.       Get top ranking/latest keywords, create good content around it, get money; Ad words are 12 months old
7.       Keywords & Conversion; depends on strength of site
8.       Importance of keyword research ; broad terms
9.       Brands & SEO: its not magic…needs patience. Depends on Niche
10.    Market Research for Startups; Google forms for research before starting a business
11.    FaceBook Ads; Target specifics …..Quancast [US demographics]
12.    Google find branded terms & the best ranked keywords that people are searching for come; create pages with these keywords
13.    Internal linking is very important; biggest secret; use exact anchor text
A: Long tail keywords; works for startups; short tail keywords works for famous brands; google looks more for relevance; target 2 keywords at the max]
      VI.            Ranjan: Pay per Click marketing
1.       How & what startups have done: real life examples
2.       Starting promotion with WOM
3.       What should be the objectives to be defined before starting business/…Web measurement Model:B2B/B2C--- Business Objectives>Goals> KPIs> targets
4.       Know your target
5.       Offline/Online advertisement
6.       Pay per click advertising
7.       Art & science of ppc [David: Video from Clix marketing]

Web Marketing Academy is coming up with a one full day workshop June 18th and 19th with all the practical training for Start Ups. One full day packed with all the fundamentals of web marketing for your business including  
  • ·         Setting up your blog, redirecting your blog
  • ·         Setting up social media sites
  • ·         Content Ideas for your own business
  • ·         SEO Fundamentals and guidelines with case studies and examples
  • ·         Keyword research for your business
  • ·         Set up your Google Ad words account with Rs 1500 worth of Ad words credits
  • ·         Social media ads
  • ·         Competition analysis
  • ·         Tools and technique to get started with web marketing for your business
  • ·         Report and Analytics

Cost : Rs 3200 including Lunch, Rs 1500 worth of Google Adword credits. To sign up call: Suresh @ 9731388721 or email:

Contact Info:
Suresh Babu, Co- Founder, OME Community
Twitter: @seobangalore
Phone: 9731388721

Special thanks to Swati abd Shankar for the MOM


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