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OME Community MOM and Web Marketing Academy Certificates Bangalore

OME Community Minutes of Meeting: - Web Marketing Academy Certificates Bangalore.

OME Community as always started with a round of introduction, each participant shared who they are, what they do and how they came to OME. Interesting to see people from different background and industry. Swati welcomed the attendees, and Suresh Babu, Co-Founder introduced about OME Community.
We appreciate and Thank Christ University for providing this wonderful auditorium for OME. 

Our special thanks to:
  • Professor Kshetragna, Marketing department who is the person behind all the latest initiatives, seminars and workshops for Christ University 
  • To all the attendees, who made it to the event, inspite of the being a lazy Sunday
  • Our members and Volunteers in OME, who help organize the monthly events
  • The Students are amazing. We thank Rajas Thanekar for all the efforts and arrangements, Rajas is a great asset for OME 
  • Daze Info, one of our media partner. This month Daze Info gave prizes to OME March attendees worth more than Rs 6000. We Thank Amit and his team for the coverage and gifts.
  •  Your Story, the other media partner. Shradha and Vallabh for their support

Affiliate Marketing
·         How can others earn money? Partnership/Relationship building
·         Amit-Ecosystem Tech-ERP/Smart solutions
·         Other dimensions attached- Social Media, Learning technology, Internet
·         Rethink on the revenue model
·         What is affiliated marketing?
·         How can we get benefitted out of it?- AD sense from Google
·         Example by Suresh Babu- Carnival cruise line : Miami to eastern/western countries : Travel agents, they create lead sales and get treated as VIPs : Travel agents as affiliates e.g.
·         We think big and kickass – Google AD sense – IBM
·         Harish – 1. 2004, Affiliate Marketing , 13 years back, Christite  2. Mondera – sell diamonds  to US 3. Chris Anderson - Guru

Q- It was asked that a lady wanted some work related to the online marketing and she also promised that she would bring in business. But she didn’t do it. What is to be done in these situations?

Did you able to follow her?
Check out firstly the legitimate affiliates credentials. Create your community.
Bring in traffic.
1. Come and Go
2. Come, see and read
3. Come, see , read and buy.
Affiliates – Channel Partners Websites – TARGET.COM, FLIPCART, TESCO

Q- Is it legitimate to be an affiliate? Who can be a legitimate? How can you earn money?
·         Discussions:  Affiliated marketing – AD sense- Pay Per Click (PPC)
·         Google – AD world – promoting keywords – Relevance
·         Increased revenue – bloggers- Increased Effectiveness
·         Affiliated network- tracking code by middleman so that merchant cannot cheat- DGM Pro
·         Business owners- wants to run business online- Networks : Channel between affiliates and business owners)
·         Outsource Programme Managers- Traffic, sales, information like email id, phone number
·         Myths- Shell out 80% of capital cost- affiliate marketing

Q- Can you name people/merchants we can go ahead and join?
·         Networks:  Linkshare, Shareasale, Affiliatecurry
·         Areas- Recruitment, Travel, Pagalguy-education,
·         How much sales are required for you to pay me consistently? Win-Win situation
Money from Adsense-  Mobile industry – SMEs – 1407$ or 1.25 lakhs and for merchants, niche matters a lot
Adsense tips and tricks:
·         Use latest events and trends so as to keep the traffic flowing in
·         Niche matters
·         Traffic is not everything, Adsense background markup

Google insights for search:
·         Accounts and tax in finance
·         Seasonal news, trends and festivities
·         Google trends- breakups of celebrities/marriage/news
·         Trends- cricket, holi- from here you can find the keywords people use

How to get in?
·         Write about controversies in blogs, own  websites
·         You can type alphabets as well and see what all options people type in the search engines
·         Targets – Telecom, insurance, mobile broadbands, cars
·         Latest is the buzz word to search for any keyword
·         Linkbuilding – more people get relevant links, strategies
·         E.g. Netsafe,, Cyberangel, Getnetwise, Kidshield
·         ISPA (Internet Service Provider Association)
·         How do you search?- Delhi to Bangalore, take a niche in your keyword for your business. You need to index websites in Google. Write related content on the daily basis.
·         Anytime you can make money with the business, i.e. Mobile Phones in Ad sense

·         E-blogger – CTR rate, ususal and unusual traffic, Google AD sense revenue model
·         Google webmaster tool- expertise for wordpress-> change the location to say, Uganda
·         Black and white hats techniques- SEO
·, Rs 79, get the domain free
·         Phpscrip- xyz fold- scrip available- wordpress – Marketing perspectives

Q- What happens if we generate cheap ways of generating traffic for our websites?
·         You can get penalised but it generates leads and sales
·         Choose a keyword rich domain
·         You can use ( ! or - ) in the url of your website
·         How do you get a domain name which is available?- Answer- keywordtool (broadband)

Websites:, (Internet Marketing news and discussion)
·         Jonathan Volk
·         Google trends, snapdeals, groupons, bidoo are popular now

Conversion+traffic inflow -> mindjacking ->Sales
  • Professor Kshetragna, Christ University :  Stock broker turned banker (HDFC) into academician now, basic models of business have not changed till now whether it’s normal code of conduct of business or online/affiliated marketing concepts. What is important is to consider how would to convert the traffic into conversion/business? E.g. had brilliant Ads, offers but out of business during Christmas
·         How to make money online in simple terms?
·         Affiliate Marketing
·         Adsense
·         Google trends, Insights, Adword tool, Traffic estimator, Keywordspy- Paid and optional
·  - traffic 55,000/month, free samples, target, commission less around 1 pound, added section- voucher code section, GODaddy- check all the shops listed and target
It’s important to rank for term in the website so as gain an edge – People will be competing for the terms
·         Bounce should be really high, what happens is that you’ve awesome content however, there is low conversion
·         Adsense: Never gives full information, they transfer the traffic to another affiliates – come and get out to
· which country are you targeting?, .cc .tv extensions,  keyword domain in url
·         Mobile broadband-  positive; i-pad launch + in brands (O2, Vodafone, Airtel), traffic would be less but conversion will be there , you need to take the call.
·         Google doesn’t promote sites but provides information about products/ services available
·         Go and compare deals- done by affiliates
·         Google penalize- manual or automated panelty
·         Never interlink between sites, overoptimization

Power Tips:
We had a round of power tip session, one of the OME’s Classic and best session, where everyone shares their tips, tricks and resources.

Certificate for Search Marketing Summit Bangalore Attendees by Web Marketing Academy and OME

Photo Session:
As always, we end our meetup with a group picture session and go to some restaurants/pub with some after meetup network. See you all this April 24th

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