Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SEO Training Boot Camps Bangalore, Social Media Workshops, Summer Camp Bangalore

Marketing Training Academy in Bangalore, India is all set to start a series of boot camps this summer from March 15th – June 30th on SEO Training, PPC Training, and Social Media Marketing Training in and around Bangalore.

The boot camps are focused on providing hands-on training, mentoring and coaching on SEO, PPC and SMO, including the history of how all this started and future possibilities in the Search, Social and Mobile industry. Assistance in creating structure & process for Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay Per click (PPC) Social Media, Mobile Marketing campaigns will also be covered.

If you are a student, fresher or seasoned marketer you will find these boot camps interesting. We will be conducting 10 workshops over a period of 4 months, which will include insights from industry leaders and subject matter experts. The program will cost Rs 19500 + taxes (student’s discount 10%), which includes the program fee, lunch and training material. The boot camp features four full days of classes, networking with industry experts from respective areas of internet marketing including analytics. You will also get an opportunity to network with the subject matter experts. At the end of the program, all participants will receive certificates from Web Marketing Academy.

SEO, PPC, Social Media Summer Boot Camp Bangalore. Web Marketing Academy Workshop series Bangalore

Join us at our Web Marketing Summer Boot Camp scheduled in Bangalore for March 2011 – June 2011 and learn how to harness the fastest-growing sector of the Web/Internet/Social/Mobile Marketing and Advertising market – Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertisement, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Web Analytics and learn how to integrate web, mobile and Social Media.

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In the world of internet marketing, those who know how to control web traffic are in high demand. The skilled marketers who can crunch the numbers, analyze the data, and develop a web marketing plan become an indispensable asset in the world of marketing.

Web Marketing Academy Certificate Program teaches you how to effectively utilize the Internet, search engines, and social networks to discover new career opportunities

This 4 full day summer camp is designed specifically for students; upon completion students will gain the new web marketing skills, get certified and will be able to start implementing the skills right away.

You don’t need to know HTML or any language to qualify for this course

In today’s world, you need to know some understanding of the Search and Social Media space.

Our Web Marketing Summer Boot-Camp is designed to get you up to speed, at SEO, PPC, Social media, Mobile marketing and Analytics Boot-Camp you’ll learn the fundamentals of search, social media, mobile marketing and analytics to help encourage and educate emerging marketers, you can attend our Summer Boot Camp at a discounted rates for students at Rs 9500 + 10.3 % service tax for 4 full day workshop.

Web Marketing Summer Boot-Camp Bangalore has been programmed with entry level education in mind and will help you understand why you need to be directing your career towards Search/Social/Mobile and Analytics.

We have a series of Courses that you can attend throughout the year if you want to continue your education, modules include:

Basic Search Engine Optimization SEO Training and Certification Courses

SEO Search Engine Optimization is about attracting the right customers at the right time. Upon completion, this course will equip you with fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) basic understanding, technical know-how and insight to build a SEO strategy that will stand up in today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace. Read more about SEO Training

Basic Pay Per Click PPC Training and Certification Courses

PPC advertisement course is ideal for professionals working in digital marketing agencies, web developers, and business owners to succeed online. For those who are looking to attract potential clients. PPC yields a high ROI, giving instant targeted traffic and brand awareness to website and business. Read more about PPC Training

Basic Mobile Marketing Training and Certification Courses

Basic Mobile Marketing Tactics, principles of mobile marketing, mobile campaign management, regulations, best practices, and more

Call: Suresh at + 91 9731388721 to Enroll Now

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