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Web Marketing Academy Bangalore New Office Indira Nagar 12th Main

Web Marketing Academy Pictures and New Office in Indira Nagar

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meta Title Tag's importance in the On-Page-Optimisation - SEO Training bangalore

Its one of the important aspect to be concentrated in On-page optimisation. You should probably noticed the Web master Guidelines of the Google clearly states it. Its like the name board of your services in the search.
Web Master Guidelines stating the importance of <Title> elements

The one of the important place the title will show up for the user is in the Search.

The Title is the one will be appear on Search and Make use of it to pull your user

Ok lets look at the characteristics of the title tags.

  • As i mentioned earlier it is one of the important and crucial aspect in On-Page-Optimisation
  • Best optimum character count in title could be 60 characters.
  • Make it relevant and most important keywords part of the title.
  • You can enter the best of the keyword research in the beginning of the title.
  • It should be readable to both the Users and other crawlers

Okay. so what you should avoid in it?

  • Avoid keyword stuffing in to the title. Key word stuffing will result in showing up lots of the sites. But does it make any leads? No. Because if a user searching for "SEO training i xxx place", and if this site comes up, does it serve to them the purpose? No. But Imagine if your title is "SEO services in Bangalore" and it will show up for those searching for it. It will create genuine viewers and leads.
Avoid keyword stuffing in the title, it does make any sense in the search

  • Dont let it be untitled/ Home etc. It doesnt make sense. Yes its Home page, but wouldn't be better if you name it better to create a curiosity to your user?
Avoid Vague titles -  Its not a bad practice, but you can use it wise for SEO

This is one of the worthless practice- Its like some one saying "i am nameless"

  • Its better to avoid your Brand name in the tittle, unless yours is the well known brand globally. Because if your name shows up in the search the user may not have all the patience to look in to your business to understand your services. So if you enter the services in the title and it will be easier for the user to decide.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

So.., how did this rocking batch come together......?

For, those of you who are wondering as to “what an irrelevant topic in wma-blog which talks about digital marketing, seo,  ppc  et al.....?

Wait, this is very much relevant, this blog is mainly about the journey of various like minded humans their quest for  the best seo training and how  wma happened to us ..

This is going to tell all you  people about  the fascinating  story about how the FANTABULOUS 5,(the current batch members of digital marketing  course in wma), found  wma  and how  inspite of   diversity  in our profiles, backgrounds, domains  and ideas ,we got under one roof called wma to be moulded by Mr. Suresh –founder  wma

The batch members include

·         Sajeesh Radhakrishnan

·         Raghvendra

·         Zyiad

·         Manasa

·         And me....Keerthy Raman

  So, let’s read about the exciting  story about how SAJEESH an mba from Coimbatore, basically from a travel, tourism and events domain,  who has a fine eye for photography and an active blogger (,, discovered his interest in digital marketing .So let’s dig to see the factors that influenced sajeesh to take up a course in digital marketing with WMA. 

SAJEESH a self learner, states  internet fascinated him , right from his graduation days, and this propelled him to experiment with the various tools and software’s   available  with respect to digital marketing and allied areas, once he was given a role of managing the marketing activities of his friend’s travel company , he practised ,and gained the working knowledge   of the system but his learning did not stop there, he found something missing, he was convinced that his experiments were giving him the needed results   but felt this learning was incomplete till he underwent a formal training ,and  that led to, he  searching  for a relevant training programmes on the net and he found WMA in Bangalore –the hub for digital marketing training ....

The best part that sajeesh recollects from the first experience with WMA and  Mr.  Suresh-founder WMA ,was that the call to action numbers given on the website  was his personal number and not an IVR or an front office co-ordinator’s/student counsellor  (which is the case with most of the institutes),a lady  who rattles information which is commonly given out to any student calling in and making like 10calls a day to make a sale and educating us that the institute is ready for a fees negotiation as well.... so getting to speak to the trainer directly was the  positive  experience   and the second impression was that Mr. Suresh wasn’t selling him the course, , but gave him career advice. That is what  motivated sajeesh to relocate to Bangalore and , the IT Hub, and join WMA and  part of the(happy) WMA community.

 Next  we move on to  Raghvendra –Mr. Practicality,

He is a working   professional, and   has the working knowledge of the technical aspects of the system and has the knack and will to sell anything under the sun ... he also runs   a company of his own and was trying to give the best marketing presence to his company through various means of marketing, the fact that a company can do better when it has  a good digital marketing plan drew raghvendra towards an interest in learning  digital marketing, so as to implement the same for his business

The experience he had with WMA and Mr.  Suresh is  rather interesting  , he says that right  the first  phone call  he found that  Mr. Suresh very warm was not trying the sell the course to him but rather educate him about the  opportunities  available and their options

Raghvendra also did   a research about the institute read testimonials and concluded wma   should be the right one for him

ZIYAD   our very own import from Dubai....

A techie.., doing stuffs like technical support for application software and ..., a   car maniac, music lover, a classic example for word of mouth publicity.

The story goes like this he and his friend   bugged of their job  profile looks out for doing a course on  digital marketing, so they  google up  and find out that in Dubai the digital marketing training more of  a crash course and it is for professional who already have a minimum work experience in that category so they continue their search and  finds wma, friend joins wma and is mentored(not torched..., no it doesn’t happen in wma) by Mr. Suresh, completes the course successfully and finds his place in an  MNC, so following the steps of his much happy friend,,  ZIYAD   joins wma to find himself   in one of the Mnc’s in Bangalore

Manasa  Ms. Up to  my own...a B C A ,basically from Hassan , got to know about wma   through a common friend she was really convinced by the way her friend told  her about the institute and how the  training with wma   could change her career  path chose to train under Mr. Suresh

Last but not the least ME...... Keerthy Raman,  an M B A in marketing  and currently pursuing  a doctoral degree in marketing ,interested  in marketing, analysing human behaviour , learning new things , a social activist(don’t ask me what i did) , inquisitive, loves to socialise ,a dance freak ,somebody who analyses a particular situation a lot and cook (i mean only food,) , and love to teach kids  someday,  and to top it all a high intensity chatter box. so kind of a mixture of odds ,and yes one of the  highly privileged  and happy mortal who never had to learn anything related to computers ,  till now ....(lots of info about me right ,its my blog  let me brag a little ya ...)

I have been the field of marketing, and advertisements mainly at the sales level so was really tired  about  going around the city selling ad space so started to look for a course which could provide me a boost in my career, but  I did not want to navigate away from marketing since i love doing it, and wanted to make use of my previous experience in sales as well , started googling for various courses which would help me in my shift and found quite a few of them  some related some unrelated and then I  landed  into internet marketing/seo/digital marketing ,so started working on  finding extra information  called and mailed almost all the institutes which provide similar trainings ,met a few of them got a feel of what seo digital marketing and seo means and then was  educated on the fact that seo ‘s main object would be to make your site rank your site higher , so when i googled  I found a few institutes which  offered training  in seo  by i guess never practised it because when googled i could not find their website anywhere on top  so i thought  if the trainers teaching seo is unable to implement it then what’s the point in learning from them was i read a lot of blogs which gave information on choosing the right training institutes so keep that in mind and zeroed down on a few institutes and was very sure I would prefer an instructor led training and not an on-line course , then the last trainer i  met was  Mr. Suresh ,he sounded much convincing and gave me the real picture of what the course can do to  my career ,and the attributes and attitude  needed ,the level of computer literacy required  and he very clearly indicated that I in spite of have a few years of experience in marketing will not be considered as an experienced professional in digital marketing and will be considered a fresher an my experience shall be an add on only ,he also told me  explicitly that if am looking for a major hike from my then take home then suggested me not to take it at all so I liked his honesty ,and one word he used by the end of the call was WE ARE NOT JUST YOUR TRAINERS BUT YOUR MENTORS,(it takes a lot to use a word like that to that your students  under his wings  teach, nourish, and set you free to fly and feel happy to see them  come out with flying colours)  and went ahead and met him a very patient gentlemen, who listen to all my blaah blahhhh’s    and told me about his transit  from being a hotel management  student to a trainer in digital marketing ,that gave me confidence that I could also ape his steps, he motivated me to take this course and here i am a part of wma ,believe me I knew nothing in computers and a fear that i may never be able to learn it  haunted me till i joined wma ,here  I am just 5 classes  old ,able to write a blog and publish it(which I never ever dreamt off)

The fact  that we have spoken about  stuffs not too very related to things like talking about the real facts like the wma  caters like provides quality training ,value for money, highly experienced and qualified   trainers , live projects , friendly and flexible training atmosphere , career guidance which is available on the net ,is that we  felt that sharing are real life experience would make a change in another person’s like our’s

 Trainer (institute)-student relationship transcends all this and we need to think of the finer things in life, it is a bond built on trust , something  to be cherish for a life time

   SO , this is the story of the fantabulous five  and here we are to rock this space of digital marketing, under the guidance of our mentor, these   are  our real life experienced , we are undergoing the training  in digital marketing  with wma so as to optimise our  c.v  and rank it better than the rest when the employer searches for it (ended it technically ....right? see we  are learning .........,sooner or later this topic is going to be the IN thing in  marketing  so we are with the immense interest and  the training   of Mr. Suresh going to be the GURUS  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SEO : How to begin the on-page optimisation - Digital Marketing Training

SEO have its value, guess if you are a businessman then you should have come across atleast once. I bet. Believe me guys SEO is not about creating a Facebook or Twitter page or a website. But this includes don't forget.

So how to start it?

As usual, what we do it before start any project? Yes, set up the goals and objectives.

Goals and objectives.

Why is it important? You should know, what you want and up against. Setting up the goals will give you scales to measure your performance. Increasing your profit is your ultimate goal. But give a numerical version to it. Because its internet it will not be actually same, what you see. Set up your goals like, "increase the profit by 10% with in the end of this quarter" or something.

That will make more sense now.

Set the objectives and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)s as per your goals. KPIs are the indigators to know the interests in our services. They can be of Facebook likes, subscription counts or responses to C2As. So, the next step is to find your keywords for the optimizing.

Keywords Research

Keywords are the next major things you should consider in SEO. Here are the ways to find the keywords for your page.

  1. Imagine yourself as a user and think of the words you use to search in Google.
  2. Ask your family and friends.
  3. Google your keywords and look for the results.
  4. Make use of Related Keywords or Suggested Keywords from Google
  5. Try Google Trends and Google Insights for analyzing the Keywords.
Now you have at least 20 + keywords and choose the best five for the optimization. 

How to choose the keywords

When you choose the keywords make it long tail. That means use Key-Phrases instead of Keywords. Because when you go for shot-tail key words that may result in high viewer counts as well as high bounce rates.

For eg: An XYZ company selling "Leather Handbags for Women", they can optimize for "leather handbags for women in YYY (yyy- location)". But if they optimize for the location name alone, they sure get more viewers. But its is no way going to help in our goals, to increase profits.

So its about choosing the right keyword and reducing the costs in it.

Note: Subscribe to this blog for the Best SEO practices and Articles.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ad Tech Bangalore. 15 % off. Register Now

ad:tech Bangalore 2012
ad:tech Bangalore on 27th Sep 2012
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At ad:tech Bangalore, we have got everything that makes digital the medium it is. So whether you are a start-up, an agency, a publisher or a brand itself, you will find an extensive coverage of topics packed with ideas, opinions, in-depth analysis and discussions that affect your business and growth story.
Our esteemed keynote speakers include:
D Shiva Kumar D Shiva Kumar
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Our esteemed keynote speakers includes:
HTML5's new capabilities - Can the web really do that?, What should you know before seeking funding?, Monetizing Apps
More Speakers to look out for:
Alok Kejriwal
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Inventus (India) Advisors
Ravi Kiran
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Alok Kejriwal
Sunder Madakshira
Vice President - Marketing
and Communications, SAP Labs
Praseed Prasad
National Trading Director - Digital GroupM
Alok Kejriwal
Vishal Maheshwari
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Head of Sales, Yahoo! India
Satya Prabhakar
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Alok Kejriwal
Joe Nguyen
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Asia, comScore Inc.
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